Members Of The Killers And Keane Record Album

As reported on, members from The Killers, Keane, Noah And The Whale and Mumford And Sons have recorded an album together.

The collaboration are set to release a record later in 2010 and will take the name Mt Desolation. The group features The Killers' drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Noah And The Whale's fiddle player Tom Hobden, Mumford And Sons' banjo player Winston Marshall, Keane's keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley and live bassist Jesse Quin.

The band is said to be a project started by the two members of Keane who then sought out assistance from friends in other groups. Since the group has just recently been announced, details are scarce but the upcoming record has been described as a "country album" and was produced by Emery Dobyns. Mt Desolation have started a blog to keep readers up to date and are scheduled to play a live show at the Luminaire in London on June 4.

Recently, The Killers announced they would be going on a hiatus while Keane is releasing an EP titled Night Train on May 10.